Stray dogs

What do we do with strays?

When we pick up a dog, our priority is to try to return it to its owner if his/her address is known. We may find this by a by a collar and tag or microchip identification (both required by law). If this cannot be done, we will place the dog in our kennels. If we know the owner's address but we can't contact them, we will write to them to let them know their dog has been picked up. If we pick up a dog a second time, we may not return it direct but will place it in our kennels even if it is wearing identification. We can take action against owners of dogs which do not have a collar with identification on it and an up to date microchip ID .


If a dog strays and an enforcement officer is needed to collect and return it to its owner, we will charge for this. We will add an additional fee if the same dog is found straying, leading to seizure, more than once in a three month period. If we impound a dog, all charges must be paid. This might include vets' fees, the statutory fee and a daily kennelling charge. You can see our fees and charges.  Any dog not claimed within seven days will be found a new home. We will charge £25 for any private home check visits made if we re-home a dog. The police no longer accept or board stray dogs taken to them by members of the public. You can see a register of dogs we have collected.

Who should I contact if I find a dog?

During office hours

Please phone our dog control officer on 01329 824399. We only deal with dogs found in the Borough. If you find a dog outside here, phone the dog warden for that area.

Out of hours numbers for neighbouring Councils

Winchester        01962 865407

Gosport                07831 154145

Portsmouth          02392 834167

Eastleigh              02380 233344

Who should you contact if you have lost a dog?

If your dog is lost you should report it immediately to us during office hours on 01329 824399 or, Monday - Friday between 1700-2100 on 0800 374485.

What if you think your dog has been stolen?

You should report your stolen dog to the police as well as to our dog control officer and get a crime number. An Officer of the Council will give you advice on any other things you should do. You can see more information on stolen dogs at .

Further Information

You can see more information at:

For further details about dogs please email telephone 01329 824399.