Unkempt allotment plots

Please contact the Allotments Team here using the online form or by e-mail allotments@gosport.gov.uk and report to us if you

·         have not been able to visit your plot for any reason

·         no-longer want to tenant your allotment

·         are able to offer to assist a tenant who cannot attend the site at the moment

·         have noticed any maintenance or repair issues

Please find below the link for the National Assosciation of Allotments with regards to Covid 19



Please be aware that during the Coronavirus outbreak, many residents may either be suffering symptoms e.g. shortness of breath, self-isolating or working from home. If you are going to have a bonfire, please be courteous to your neighbours and avoid burning waste that will create excessive smoke.

You are advised to compost as much as you can and to keep non compostable waste until you are able to dispose of it in a more environmentally friendly way at a Waste and Recycling centre.

Bonfires on Allotment Sites are permitted between the hours of 4.00pm - 9.30pm between October - March.

Please see below - reference Allotment Tenancy Terms and Conditions

2.9       Bonfires

2.9.1   The Tenant must not have a bonfire on the Allotment unless for the disposal of surplus   produce and materials generated/used on the Allotment.

2.9.2   The Tenant must not have such a bonfire except at the times determined by the Council and as set out in a notice displayed on the Allotment Garden notice board.

2.9.3   The Tenant must not leave the Allotment without completely dousing the bonfire and ensuring that it is no longer lit.

Icon for pdf Allotments Terms and Conditions [420.66KB]

Gosport Borough Council

Respectfully request that when enjoying the allotment site that you are considerate of neighbours, tenants and residents.

Many thanks.


Please request delivery by contacting Gosport Borough Council Streetscene on 08000 198598 or by emailing Streetscene@gosport.gov.uk Thank you.