Have you ever considered the reasons why people cultivate allotments?

Healthy Living Here are 10 fantastic reasons why owning an allotment makes perfect sense....

Relaxation/stress relief: What better way to unwind than to spend an hour gardening, away from the stresses of modern living.

Fresh air and exercise: Gardening is recommended as an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages and abilities.

Fresh produce: Home-grown crops are always far tastier than those bought in the shops, and at a fraction of the price!

Organic produce: Many people are becoming concerned about the possibility of chemical residues in food. Organic gardening can ensure that your vegetables are chemical free.

GM-free food: How can you be sure that the food that you buy is free of genetically modified product? The only sure way is to grow your own!

Community groups and allotments associations: Allotments are a great way of meeting other like-minded people, young and old alike. If you wish, you could even become a site representative or a member of an allotments association. Some sites also have shops where members can buy seeds, compost, etc.

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Open Spaces:
 Along with our parks and open spaces, allotment sites form the "green lungs" of the Town. By cultivating an allotment you will be helping to ensure their preservation well into the future.

Wildlife: A working allotment can be a wildlife haven, foxes, badgers, slow-worms,birds and a host of other wildlife living right in the heart of the Town. It is surprising what you can see when you are working on your plot.

Herbs, fruit and flowers: Remember that allotments are not just about straight rows of vegetables. Many tenants grow flowers, fruit, herbs and spices, to get the most out of their allotment!

For some people without a garden at home, their allotment is their garden: For many people, a garden is a luxury that they do not have at home. An allotment can provide you with the garden that you always dreamed of. Many tenants have lawns, patios, flower borders, ponds and many other features to make their plot feel like their own garden!

Gosport has 10 allotment sites in locations all over the Town. So wherever you live in Gosport, an allotment site should not be far away.